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Full Power DTV Stations (xls)
  Excel Spreadsheet of DTV Stations

Meintel, Sgrignoli, & Wallace
  The Meintel, Sgrignoli, & Wallace Team has an extensive background in broadcasting, telecommunications, and consumer electronics engineering. The firm has provided services to clients as diverse as individual radio and television stations, group broadcasters, broadcast trade associations, research labs, consumer and professional electronics manufacturers, and utility companies to name just a few.

  This document lists several of the most frequently asked questions about DVB-ASI

DTV Allotment Table as of 10/06/07 (pdf)
  DTV allotment listings for all TV stations

FCC 3rd Report and Order From Jan 30th 2008 (pdf)
  Third Periodic Review of the Commission’s Rules and Policies Affecting the Conversion To Digital Television Adopted: December 22, 2007

TSID Assignments (pdf)
  The ATSC PSIP Standard A/65 (Program and System Information Protocol) requires that each digital television broadcaster be assigned a unique 16-bit Transport Stream Identifier (TSID).

US TV Channel Frequencies (pdf)
  List of US TV Channels by channel number and frequency

FCC Website
  Federal Communications website where you can locate vast amounts of information regarding TV,AM,FM regulations and the DTV Transition

2Ghz Targeted DMA Relocation by month (pdf)

2 Ghz Relocation project
  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated that most television broadcasters, fixed link service users and others who operate within the 1990 - 2110 MHz spectrum band (BAS channels 1-7) must replace and/or upgrade their 2 GHz transmission facilities within 31.5 months (from January 21, 2005 to September 7, 2007) to operate within 2025 - 2110 MHz.

  This checklist has been developed to assist licensees in conducting a self-inspection of their station. It provides an opportunity for the licensee to review and correct any deficiencies associated with the operation of a station without an actual on-scene visit by the Commission. While not all translator and booster station regulations are covered by this checklist, you will be able to assess your compliance with the most frequently violated regulations. Each question contains a reference to the relevant rule section(s) to facilitate your review. These references pertain to Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Parts 11, 17, 73 and 74.

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